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Neat Nathalie & Co. Answers To Your Questions

What is the difference between a Professional Organizer and Cleaning Lady? 

A professional organizer enhances the lives of clients by sharing effective organizing methods and designing tailored systems to meet individual needs. Acting as an impartial guide, they provide new viewpoints, helping to conquer feelings of being overwhelmed and reach goals. Through their knowledge and skill, professional organizers ensure that desired results are accomplished.


A Certified Home Organizer® demonstrates proficiency and expertise through rigorous examination and client engagement, meeting the standards for certification.


On the other hand, a cleaning lady is tasked with tidying and sanitizing spaces, typically in offices or residences.

What is a Feng Shui Consultant? 

A Feng Shui consultant is a specialist who applies the principles of Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese practice, to analyze and enhance the energy flow within a space. They offer guidance on arranging furniture, decor, and layout to promote harmony, balance, and positive energy in homes or businesses. Feng Shui consultants may also provide recommendations for colors, materials, and other elements to optimize the environment's energy and improve well-being.

What sets your company apart from other organizing companies?

Nathalie, the proprietor of Neat Nathalie & Co., holds certifications as a Home Organizer and Feng Shui Practitioner, guaranteeing comprehensive support in decluttering, organizing, and promoting well-being. Our structured sessions offer clarity regarding goal timelines. To ensure focus without financial strain, we provide discounted hour packages with complimentary Add-On services. Additionally, we've teamed up with Afterpay for flexible payment solutions. You'll also gain access to our network of proficient professionals to address all your requirements.

Why should I hire a Professional Organizer? 

Are you embarrassed to have guests in your home? Do you feel like you are constantly looking for things? Do you waste money by re-buying things you've misplaced? Do you argue with your family about the mess? Do you feel stressed because of clutter? Do you struggle with making decisions about your stuff? Do you dread digging into a pile of unknown papers? Are you ready to give yourself a break? If any of these resonate with you, enlisting the help of a professional organizer could be transformative. By hiring a professional organizer, you're committing to simplifying your life. If you desire less clutter, increased productivity, a more relaxing home environment, enhanced quality time with loved ones, savings in both time and money, improved self-organization skills, and a reduction in stress, then investing in a professional organizer could be the solution you've been seeking.

How much does it cost? 

The project cost is determined by the amount of clutter, the size of the space, the client's ability to make decisions, and the client's availability/disruptions. We match our pace to the client's pace, never rushing through tough decisions, but moving forward in an efficient manner.

In reality you are paying for the transformation of the space, not the time. We are paid for the value we provide. A good question to ask is, "What is the value of the transformation?"

Is it worth the money?

Living in chaos can be expensive. Maybe you waste time looking for things you can no longer find. Perhaps you miss a payment on a bill, incurring late charges and unnecessary fees. Investing the time and money now to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of being organized can pay off big in the future. When you hire a professional organizer you are paying for their knowledge, their ability to understand how you function, and to develop a system that works just for you. You end up saving money by investing in a person who can teach you to declutter and organize on your own.

Are you going to think I'm a slob?

No, absolutely not! Accumulating treasures and collecting things is very common in our culture. Most of us have too many clothes, books, shoes, toys and papers. We want to help you find those things that add value to your life, and help you eliminate what is no longer bringing you happiness.

Are you going to make me throw everything away? 

No way! We will not force you to get rid of anything, but we will challenge you by asking tough questions about your items. Anything you discard is your decision alone. We are there to assist you. Our goal is to help you find and keep the important stuff, and let the rest go in the most eco-friendly way. We will be there to cheer you on as you let things go that no longer have a purpose or bring you happiness.

I've never been able to stay organized before. How do I know it will work this time? 

We will work with you to customize an organizational system that fits your individual needs. We will ask you many questions and provide suggestions based on what we believe will work for you. We will try to identify the bad habits that have sabotaged your organizing efforts in the past, and provide guidance on what is needed to maintain order.

How do I know my space will stay organized after you leave?

Getting organized can be tough, and staying organized is even tougher. We will help you prioritize your goals and give you the knowledge you need to keep the system in place long after we're gone. When you begin to feel in control, more relaxed in your space and less stressed, you'll know it's working. With the right systems in place, it is easy to organize with little effort. But if things get out of control again, that's okay and normal. We can check in by phone, or plan an in-person visit to get you back on track.

Do I need to clean up or buy anything before you arrive? 

No, please do not clean up or buy anything before we begin. It's important for us to see how you live in your home. I need to see the clutter so I can determine the best way to make it disappear for good. We will not judge you so there is no need to be embarrassed. We will not be shocked by the amount of clutter. I will work with you to find organizing solutions so you will be happy to invite guests to your home.

*Please Note:- While we do light cleaning of the areas we're working on, such as; wiping pantry shelves during the organization process, we don't provide cleaning services, such as; washing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, etc.

I don't live in Tampa Bay, do you travel?

Yes we do travel! Please note; travel charges such as airline tickets, mileage and lodging will apply.

What is your confidentiality policy? 

Your privacy is important to me and I adhere to the American Society of Professional Organizers (ASPO) Code of Ethics. I am not there to judge you, and I will never ask you to reveal sensitive information. All client details are kept strictly confidential. I pledge to: serve my clients with integrity, competence, and objectivity, and treat them with respect and courtesy; keep client information confidential and not use it to benefit myself, Neat Nathalie LLC, or reveal information to others; and use proprietary client information only with client's permission.

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