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Home Organization Services St.Petersburg, FL

Master Closet Organization Clearwater Beach FL

Do you have a tendency to hang on to a lot? Finding your garage, closets or even rooms are becoming a bit cluttered? Need help setting up a new space? Want to get organized but aren’t sure where to even start? Neat Nathalie would be happy to help with any of your professional organizer needs in North Redington Beach and the surrounding Pinellas County, Florida areas. Our goal is to help you get your spaces organized while implementing systems that can help you keep them organized over time. From garages and offices to pantries and laundry rooms, our professional organizer near you would be happy to help with any of your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Why Our North Redington Beach Home Organization Services? While working with Neat Nathalie for your personal organization needs in North Redington Beach, you’ll work together to purge, declutter and organize your space(s). Along with getting your space organized, we try to implement organizational systems that can help you stay organized in the long run as well. The ultimate goal is to create a more efficient, functional and comfortable space for your needs. Our home organization services are perfect for your home office, garage, kitchen, pantry, laundry rooms or any other area you may want to be organized a bit better.

North Redington Beach

Home Organizing Rates

In-Person Consultation:


(This fee is credited towards your session)

In-Home Organizing:

 $85 per hour 

(4 hours minimum)

This is ideal for someone that needs help kickstart a project or declutter and organize small areas like small closet, bathroom and laundry room

Zen Packages

When a solid foundation is lacking, disorder takes hold, yet harmony and simplicity cultivate happiness in our homes and lives, while also drawing in our aspirations. Explore our Zen packages, offering decluttering and organization systems combined with Feng Shui, personalized for 1 or 2 areas, or your entire home, including the garage.

Included with Every Package

In addition to the hours Nathalie and her team spend in your home, our service package includes:

  • A judgment-free and supportive experience

  • Complimentary virtual consultation

  • Personal concierge shopping services

  • Customized labels

  • Management of trash and donations, including coordination for larger items

  • Extensive time dedicated to researching and designing layouts before and between sessions

  • A follow-up email one month after the session

  • Complimentary travel to your home*

Zen Foundation

12 hours

(6 hours with a team of 2 organizers)


(Save $180)

Zen Mastery

36 hours

(18 hours with a team of 2 organizers)


(Save $540)

Zen Essentials

24 hours

(12 hours with a team of 2 organizers)


(Save $360)

Zen Zenith

48 hours

(24 hours with a team of 2 organizers)


(Save $720)

Schedule Home Organization Services in North Redington Beach, FL Today

Dreaming of a more organized space? Interested in our North Redington Beach professional home organization services? Contact Neat Nathalie today to get started.

Terms and Conditions

  • Sessions have a 4 hour minimum

  • 50% deposit is due on day contract is signed, with the remaining balance due on day of services or within 24 hours of invoice issuance

  • Payment plans available through Afterpay

  • Supply costs are additional

  • Parking and Travel fees may apply (distances over 20 miles – travel time – mileage fees apply)

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