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Age Appropriate Chores

Age Appropriate Chores
Age Appropriate Chores

People have such strong opinions about chores… whether kids should have them, whether kids should be paid for them, etc. I have my own views about chores and allowance. But all I will say here is that I think having kids do chores is both awesome and necessary. As my son got older I added more chores to his list. He needed to know that he is responsible for helping maintain the home he lives in. In addition, I wanted him to know how to do things on his own when he left for college. I met plenty of young adults who didn’t really know how to do much in the kitchen and subsequently made poor choices in regards to their nutrition. I know that I want my son to be confident and make good choices as he takes care of himself!

Back to chores. How do you know what chores they are ready to do!?

With a little research and my own experience… I put together this age appropriate chore checklist to refer to. It’ll be super helpful, because sometimes you’re not necessarily thinking about what else to have our kids do.

Now when you feel like they are ready for something new, you have a quick reference.


~Nathalie XOXO

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