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Meet The Team

Nathalie Jones
Certified Home Organizer®
Founder + CEO

Nathalie's love of all things organization started early and continues to this day. Her vision is always focused on maintaining a home that is beautiful while still being very functional for everyday living. Efficiency, simplicity and organization just make life easier. She found it to be true in her own family, and for the people she has worked with. A home that is thoughtfully put together makes tackling the other challenges of the day far more manageable.

One of the most important things she has learned is that, regardless of where life takes you, there is nothing more comforting than the place you call home. A person’s home is a reflection of where they are in life, and her mission is to help you live in a stress-free environment. She will work with you and help you, by sharing solutions and ideas tailored to your family, budget and lifestyle, so that you can spend more time doing the things you love. ​​​

Want to know the real Nathalie? 

  • Mom to Michael (20) & furry babies Bugsy, Cutie and Dell.

  • Born and raised on the Mediterranean Island of Malta. Currently lives in Clearwater.

  • Speaks 7 languages; Italian and Maltese are native languages.

  • Certified Home Organizer® by the board of the American Society of Professional Organizers.

  • Enjoy watching period era movies and series, foreign series and movies in particular Italian and British.

  • Advocating for victims and survivors of domestic violence and kids in foster care.

  • Love long chats with friends; my son & kitties; working out in particular running and swimming; dancing ballet; reading about cultures and learning new languages; good food; Fall and Winter.

  • Passionate about inspiring and educating individuals about the benefits of an uncluttered & organized home.

Caryn Reifsnyder

Assistant Organizer

Jade Lynn Leonardo

Assistant Organizer

Alexis Smith

Assistant Organizer

Kimberley Corbett

Executive Assistant

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