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Feng Shui Consultations
Tampa Bay, Florida


Interested in a more harmonious space but aren't sure where to start?

When it comes to your space there are various things you can do to ensure the space is benefiting you as much as possible. We often hear that our home, office, etc. can directly impact the way that we feel. Cluttered spaces can add to anxiety and other negative feelings. Certain colors can be more stimulating or relaxing. Even the direction of your furniture or the way it is situated in the room can have a massive impact on the energy of the space and how it may impact your day to day life.

What Can I Expect During My Feng Shui Consultation?

During our on-site feng shui consultation in the Tampa Bay area, we conduct a thorough analysis of various aspects of your environment. This includes determining the building's orientation and its integration with the local geography and architectural surroundings. We then proceed to examine both the exterior and interior of your home or building meticulously. Our focus is on identifying any unique features and evaluating the structure and layout using specialized charts and formulas. These tools enable us to uncover the underlying essence of your floor plan.

Additionally, as part of our consultation, we provide tailored remedies based on your and other household members' Kua numbers. These remedies are designed to harmonize and optimize the flow of qi, or energy, within specific areas of your space. Carefully selected to address any imbalances, these remedies promote a sense of harmony and well-being throughout your environment.

Do You Offer Residential Feng Shui Consultations?

We do! We'd be happy to come take a look at your home in the Tampa Bay area to provide feng shui expertise. Whether you are interested in improving the whole home or just a specific room. Reach out today to get started.


Do You Offer Commercial Feng Shui Consultations?

We do! We can come out to your small business, office, or clinic to provide an evaluation and offer advice on how to improve the space for yourself, your employees, your customers, and more.


Contact Our Tampa Bay Feng Shui Consultant Today

Ready to balance and harmonize the energy in your space? Contact our feng shui consultant at Neat Nathalie today. We would be happy to come provide an evaluation and see how we can help with your needs.

Terms and Conditions

  • 50% deposit is due on day contract is signed, with the remaining balance due on day of services or within 24 hours of invoice issuance

  • Supply costs are additional

  • Parking and Travel fees may apply (distances over 25 miles – travel time – mileage fees apply)

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