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What Our Clients Say About Us

Our master closet was a total disaster, no matter how much we tried to get it organized it was always a mess and overflowing with clutter. Nathalie not only helped us declutter, she taught us tips to prevent it from getting cluttered again. In addition, she designed organizing solutions tailored to our needs. Her knowledge and attention to detail were beyond my expectations! I highly recommend her to others that want to get their homes in order. My next project with her are the kitchen and pantry and I can’t wait how she’s going to transform the place!

Mikaela G.

Clearwater, FL

Nathalie was a true God send! I am an only child caring for my mother with Alzheimers and needed help organizing and packing to move back to my mothers home in Virginia. Nathalie had ideas for effective packing that I had never thought off and her organizing skills are genius!!! I was a little embarrassed for her to see my home in disarray, but she made me feel totally comfortable throughout the entire process. I have used other organizers in the past, but none of them came close to her skills and awesome personality. She had a lot of patience working with me in regards to items I didn’t need, but wasn’t ready to let go. She really helped me though the letting go process of throwing out a lot of those unneeded items, that would have only caused more clutter in my home in VA. I highly recommend her, trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Carol G.

Clearwater, FL

The closet looks like something in a model home. Aesthetically pleasing, organized and uncluttered.

Kris S.

Lithia, FL

Natalie has been a tremendous help with both organizing/decluttering and design. Every time she leaves I am something completed and it looks great!

Julie Z.

St. Petersburg, FL

Natalie provided the assistance and understanding that I needed to unpack boxes of framed pictures and the rest of my disabled mother’s home decor. With Natalie’s pleasing energy, tools, and keen eye for design and placement, she decorated my mother’s bedroom and provided my mother with a most uplifting and enjoyable time!

Victoria C.

Riverview, FL

Nathalie got this unique eyes on the colors. When all is put together by her, they just look spectacular. The style of being neat and well organized is her signature. Being patient of explaining things is her personality. A hard working individual.

Cindy E.

Palm Harbor, FL

My sister gave us a gift certificate for Christmas for Nathalie’s services. And what a gift it was! The last thing we need in our life is clutter, so having Nathalie spend time with us was perfect. She was excellent to work with and no job is too big or too small for her! She works with you side by side, with professionalism.

William H.

Tampa, FL

Neat Nathalie and her staff did an amazing job organizing and decluttering our home. She makes organizing easy and painless. Wish I would have used her years ago!!

Julie D.

Crystal Beach, FL

Nathalie was amazing. I was so overwhelmed after my third move in less than 2 years. I didn't even know what I had anymore but she was a great help in figuring out where things go, what I really needed, and making everything so much more organized than I've ever been in my life. One week after the move and I'm completely unpacked. That's a miracle in and of itself!

Christy S.

Dunedin, FL

Nat was a pleasure to work with, she has a knack of putting things not only neatly but conveniently too, very careful with the virus issue highly recommended her.

Christian U.

Holmes Beach, FL

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