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Other Services

Public Speaking 


Are you looking for a keynote speaker for your upcoming event?

Nathalie has presented at various events from large corporate company events - to small groups - to radio/TV shows both virtual and in-person. Her passion to raise awareness on how clutter affect our lives and mental health along with her experience makes her a perfect speaker for your event! Send us a message, give us a call or visit our Contact page to chat with her about your upcoming event in detail. 

Design & Staging Services 

Spacious Living Room

Is home decorating not your forte? Are you trying to get top dollar for your home? Or simply need help designing a closet system that works for you?

At Neat Nathalie, we typically specialize in organizing spaces but we also have a passion for design and decor! We have helped many clients designing closet systems, decorating & staging their homes and would be our pleasure to help you as well!

Closet Systems Designs

When you work with us to design a closet system for you, the result will be a system truly custom designed for your needs, space and lifestyle. We are also affiliated with custom closet companies we trust, in order to make sure the final product is installed up to your expectations at reasonable cost.

Custom spaces we design

  • Closets, Pantries

  • Offices

  • Laundry Rooms

  • Inside kitchen cabinets

  •  Garages & more

Interior Decorating

Our decorating services can help you style the home of your dreams customized to your style and budget.


Our style services include

  • Color palette selection

  • Furniture and decorative accent pieces selection

  • Furniture layout and space planning 

  • Feng Shui design application with every space

Home Staging

We strive to help you get top dollar on the sale of your home while alleviate some of the stress that comes with selling a home. We will stage your home to highlight particular areas while making it feel home and inviting to prospective buyers.

Holiday Decorating  

Christmas Vibes

Don't have time to decorate for the holidays? Not to worry, Neat Nathalie can help!

When it comes to the holidays, some people love decorating, while others prefer to just enjoy the scenery. Much like organizing, we realize some people prefer to do holiday decorating themselves, while others prefer to have people like us help them with it. No matter the holiday, we would be happy to help. From Christmas and Hanukkah to Birthdays and other Special Events. Interested in getting started? Send us a message, give us a call or visit our Contact page to get started today.

How Our Professional Holiday Decorating Works & FAQ

The holidays are supposed to be filled with joy, happiness, and time with loved ones. We understand that fitting decorating into an already busy schedule can be stressful, which is why we are happy to design, decorate, and take down your holiday decor this season.

We start with a consultation where we can discuss your vision, exact needs, and how we can help to ensure the perfect fit. We’ll get your estimate created and get your appointment added to the schedule. From there, we’ll begin the design process to bring the vision to life. Once the day comes, your decorating will begin. You can enjoy the decor all season long and when you are ready, we’ll come to take it down for you (and even put up some new decor if you’d like!).

Can You Decorate Outside?

We sure can, we would be happy to transform your outdoor space into the vision you have.

Can You Decorate Inside?

Along with the outdoor decor, we’d be happy to handle the indoor stuff as well.

Where Do You Provide Holiday Decorating Services?

Neat Nathalie is happy to provide holiday decorating throughout Tampa Bay and the Orlando areas. Simply reach out and we’d be happy to provide an estimate.

Schedule Our Holiday Decorating & Takedown Service Today

Ready to hire a professional for your holiday decorating needs? Neat Nathalie would be happy to provide a free virtual consultation and estimate.

Terms and Conditions

  • 50% deposit is due on day contract is signed, with the remaining balance due on day of services or within 24 hours of invoice issuance

  • Supply costs are additional

  • Parking and Travel fees may apply (distances over 25 miles – travel time – mileage fees apply)

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