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Neat Lifestyle Membership Services

In-Person Monthly Membership

Neat Nathalie Lifestyle home organization membership

We're all human and accumulating items is part of life. Maintenance is the KEY!

You invested time and money to get your space organized. Now is time to maintain it. 

How our membership works

  • 3 hour session with a team of 2 organizers to work on any space of your choice every 2 months*

  • Full access to Neat Lifestyle weekly zoom calls, private Facebook group and more ($150.00 value)


Cost $175.00 per month

Virtual Monthly Membership

Neat Nathalie & Co. Home Organzation membership

A fun and cost effective way to get organized while having accountability and coaching partner by a pro plus support from the entire Neat Lifestyle community

Do you have the motivation to get organized but perhaps you don't know where to start, or maybe you tend to find it hard to let go of items - then this membership is for you.

How our membership works

  • Weekly 1hour zoom calls - Hear about and share experiences, triumphs and struggles from you and your peers and get coaching tips and ideas from Nathalie. This group is all about supporting one another in creating a peaceful home.

  • Full access to Neat Lifestyle private Facebook group 

  • Monthly Declutter challenge 

Cost $44.99 per month

Terms and Conditions

  • In person membership is for clients who completed a decluttering/organizing project with us in the past 12 months

  • Supply costs are additional

  • Parking and Travel fees may apply (distances over 25 miles – travel time – mileage fees apply)

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