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The Difference Between Tidying Up and Being Messy

In the chaos of everyday life, the battle between tidying up and embracing messiness often rages on. Clutter not only disrupts our physical space but also impacts our mental and emotional well-being. However, the approach to decluttering goes beyond mere organization; it delves into mindfulness, awareness, and gratitude.


Tidying up offers a semblance of control over our lives, but its benefits extend far deeper when approached with openness. Rather than striving for perfection, incorporating mindfulness and gratitude can amplify the power of decluttering. From a Feng Shui perspective, clutter is viewed energetically, prompting us to examine its location and significance within our homes.


But why do some of us struggle with clearing clutter? Before diving into tidying mode, it's crucial to consider three key aspects:


Is the clutter or messiness impeding your progress?

Clutter becomes problematic when it hinders our ability to move forward. Whether it's physically impeding our movements or causing guilt over unattained tidiness standards, clutter can hold us back from pursuing new projects or goals. Understanding clutter's deeper meaning through feng shui allows us to release it and unlock new opportunities in our lives.


Finding balance between yin and yang energies is essential.

Life's richness encompasses both order and chaos. Striking a balance between tidy, focused energy (yang) and messy, creative energy (yin) is essential. While excessive tidiness can stifle creativity, a certain level of disorder fosters innovation and ideation. Recognizing when each energy is needed fosters harmony in our spaces and lives.


The Five Elements system fosters connection and alleviates frustration in feng shui practice.

In feng shui, the five-element system offers insights into our natural inclinations towards clutter. Individuals with a predominant metal energy excel at organizing and decluttering, finding comfort in perfecting their surroundings. Conversely, those with water energy thrive in environments teeming with ideas and exploration, while earth energy individuals seek warmth and nurturing in their homes. Understanding our elemental makeup helps us embrace our unique preferences without judgment.


When navigating the contrast between order and disorder, it's vital to embrace equilibrium and self-kindness. By integrating mindfulness, recognizing the interplay of yin and yang forces, and comprehending our elemental predispositions, we can design environments that authentically represent us and encourage personal development and creativity. Therefore, when clutter looms large, recall: it's not solely about organizing; it's about discovering balance amid turbulence.


Nathalie XOXO


~Nathalie XOXO

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