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Want to get rid of clutter while doing something good?

Our resource list encourages sustainable living, which is important for healthy homes and our Earth. Our goal is to help reduce consumption and unnecessary waste in the landfills.

Here are just a few of our favorite places to donate things.

Hazardous Household Waste

Target have drop bins for old cell phones, which they either refurbish or recycle for a good cause.

They also recycle plastic shopping bags, plastic bottles and cans in the drop off bins behind the cashiers in every store. 

The EPA’s RAD (Responsible Appliance Disposal) program has a link Find a RAD Partner Program to help you find the recycling source in your area. In most cases this is a free local service and you may even be eligible for a rebate under certain conditions.  

Earth911 Do you have old paint cans, chemicals, or other hard to dispose of items around your home? Visit Earth911 and simply enter your zip code and what you’re trying to recycle - they’ll provide you with a list of places!

Best Buy will accept many electronics. Everything from cell phones to old printers.  Click here for a list.

Hazardous Waste Days Check with your local township or municipality to see if they offer hazardous waste days. 
These are designated days a few times a year when they collect electronic waste or hazardous chemicals for safe disposal. 

Habitat for Humanity When remodeling your home, consider donating old appliances or even cabinetry! They will resell your items and the profits will go toward building and repairing homes around the world.

Recycle Crayola (and other brand) Color Markers!  Crayola ColorCycle Program recycles all markers.   

Household & Clothing Items

Local Libraries - If your book collection has grown too large for you, donate your old (loved!) books to your local library so that others can experience the magic of reading them.

ThredUp Mail your clothes in best condition to ThredUp and they buy it or consign for you. Click here to learn how to order their Cleanout Kit.

Mercari This smartphone app that is so simple to use. You can sell clothes or household items on Mercari. Snap some photos of your items, add a description and price and you’re products get national attention. Mercari makes it easy to ship with their prepaid shipping labels.

Target offers a Car Seat Trade In Program twice a year.  Car seats are made of plastic which becomes brittle over time and hazardous.  They take back your old car seats for proper disposal and give you a 20% off coupon for a new car seat, stroller or baby gear. 

The Salvation Army will pick up bags of clothing and home decor items too.

Offerupconnects with local buyers and sellers. 

Buy and sell everything from cars and trucks, electronics, furniture, and more

For expired or unused prescription medicines, follow these instructions by the FDA. Note too that throughout the year the DEA arranges for secure Medication Drop Off points in various communities. Click here for the latest information.

Dress for Success Donate your gently used business attire and Dress for Success will provide a woman in your area with a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help her thrive in work and in life.

Personal Help

Do you think you may be a Clutterer or Hoarder?  Clutterer's Anonymous is a Compassionate 12 Step Group.
here to learn more and find a meeting in your area.

Not a severe Clutterer but you buy too much and can't stop?  Please try Shopaholic No More. They offer resources and guidance to help break the shopping/guilt cycle.

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