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Guide to Garage Declutter and Organization

Garage Organization in Tampa Bay, FL
Guide to Garage Declutter and Organization

In our hectic lives, garages often end up as messy storage spots, making it impossible to park our cars. Let's get into some practical tips and clever solutions to take back your garage, turning it into a space that's genuinely organized and functional for your everyday life.


Items to Dispose of:

  • Old Paint Cans

  • Shop Rags

  • Hazardous Chemicals

  • Empty Boxes

  • Old Toys

  • Old Sports Equipment

  • Old Electronics

  • Rusty Tools

  • Leftover Wood from Projects

  • Old Car Parts & Accessories

  • Old Camping Equipment

  • Damaged Outdoor Furniture

  • Unwanted Furniture

  • Old Gardening Tools

  • Broken Hoses


Organizing Your Garage:

  • Establish designated zones for car supplies, tools, sports gear, and outdoor equipment.

  • Optimize space with pegboards, hooks, and slat walls for tool storage.

  • Install shelving along the walls for efficient organization.

  • Use durable storage containers instead of cardboard boxes to avoid attracting bugs and protect items from potential flood or water damage.

  • Employ rollout bins for garage accessories.

  • Dedicate space for sports gear storage.

  • Store bikes on overhead storage racks.

  • Find innovative solutions for organizing large lawn equipment.

  • Include mini storage for hardware.

  • Centralize all tape in one easily accessible spot.

  • Arrange paint on shelves within easy reach.

  • Hang ladders from raised shelving if possible.

  • Allocate space for garbage cans and recycling bins.


Following these tips will help you transform your garage into a well-organized space, eliminating unnecessary clutter and enhancing functionality. If you need help with garage organization products visit our website for a full list of our product favorites with links included.



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~Nathalie XOXO

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