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Understanding Your Unique Decluttering Style

Have you noticed that the decluttering techniques your friends swear by just don’t seem to work for you? Don’t worry; there’s nothing wrong with you! You probably just have a different decluttering style. Understanding your unique approach to decluttering can make the process more effective and compassionate, both towards yourself and others. In this blog post, we’ll explore five decluttering styles based on the five elements of Feng Shui and offer tips tailored to each one.

Take note of which one(s) resonate with you the most. Then, test my suggestions and observe if they assist you in altering your perspective or your relationship with clutter.


  • Wood Decluttering Style: If you identify as a wood-style declutterer, you likely begin with abundant energy and enthusiasm. The idea of lifting boxes and rearranging items may even excite you, as you enjoy physical movement. However, you may discover that your initial motivation wanes quickly, leaving tasks unfinished for extended periods. Once the novelty wears off, you move on to new endeavors. If this scenario resonates with you, my recommendation is to turn decluttering into an enjoyable challenge, keeping it brief and manageable. Consider starting with short daily sessions, perhaps just five minutes each. Alternatively, you could enlist the assistance of someone naturally skilled at completing tasks to help you. This way, you can balance energies and efficiently accomplish the task at hand. If you opt to involve a friend instead of hiring a professional, remember to respect their time and energy.


  • Fire Decluttering Style: Individuals with a fire decluttering style are often deeply inspired to rid themselves of unnecessary possessions, which can evoke feelings of happiness and warmth. While sorting through their belongings, they delight in revisiting memories and emotions linked to specific items, forming heartfelt connections with many of them. However, they may struggle to make significant progress as they continually shift from one pile to another without discarding anything. If you resonate with this decluttering approach, endeavor to remind yourself that decluttering can be an enjoyable endeavor. Consider the inspiration and warmth that completing the project will bring. You may also wish to enhance the experience by listening to music or podcasts, inviting loved ones to join you, or incorporating other enjoyable activities. Additionally, grant yourself permission to experience and process your emotions fully. Taking photographs of sentimental items before parting with them can also be beneficial, allowing you to preserve their memories before passing them on to someone who will appreciate them.


  • Earth Decluttering Style: If you have a deep attachment to your belongings and find it challenging to part with them, you may align with the earth-style decluttering approach. Individuals with abundant earth energy often take great pleasure in their homes, deriving comfort and joy from filling them with meaningful items and perhaps even indulging in specific collections. A crucial piece of advice for those with an earth decluttering style is to prioritize their own preferences over external opinions. It's perfectly acceptable to have more possessions in your home compared to others. However, ensure that your collections are organized, displayed in a manner you adore, and well-maintained. If certain items are neglected or disorganized, it might be time to part with them. Grant yourself permission to proceed through the decluttering process slowly and deliberately. You could begin by releasing one item per week. Additionally, remind yourself that each item you let go of finds a new home elsewhere, enriching someone else's space and enhancing its beauty.  

  •  Metal Decluttering Style: If you possess a metal decluttering style, parting with items likely comes effortlessly to you. You excel at maintaining control over your possessions and prefer everything to be meticulously organized. Describing yourself as a minimalist is not uncommon. Metal energy is characterized by sharpness, efficiency, organization, and an appreciation for beauty, making individuals with a significant amount of metal energy naturally adept at decluttering. Some may even find success in careers centered around helping others declutter. My advice for those with a metal decluttering style is to be cautious of excessive purging, particularly when it involves other people's belongings. Before letting go of an item, take a moment to connect with your emotions. While ultra-minimalist homes may appear tidy and orderly, they can sometimes feel sterile and excessively passive. Instead, consider embracing a minimalist approach that prioritizes items of genuine significance and importance to you. You may choose to retain a select few objects that evoke connections to specific individuals or places.  

  • Water Decluttering Style: If you find yourself surrounded by numerous books and pieces of art, you likely exhibit a water decluttering style. Parting with items that hold significant wisdom and creative energy may pose a challenge for you. You may prefer to sit and contemplate your clutter rather than actively decluttering. Additionally, you may become easily distracted and find yourself engrossed in reading your books while attempting to sort through them. Individuals with a high level of water energy may also experience fear when considering letting go of items. If this style resonates with you, I encourage you to ensure that your book collections are neatly organized and displayed in bookcases, while your art is hung on walls. Even if you later decide to relocate a piece of art, it's preferable to have it displayed rather than leaving it lying on the floor for an extended period. Books, art, and creative items are meant to be utilized and appreciated. When you do come across items you're prepared to part with, remind yourself that others will benefit from the wisdom and meaning they provide when you pass them along.  

 By understanding your unique decluttering style, you can approach tidying up with compassion and ease. Whether you resonate with the Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water style, embrace it and tailor your decluttering process accordingly. Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to decluttering, so find what works best for you and enjoy the journey to a more organized and harmonious space.


~Nathalie xoxo


~Nathalie XOXO

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