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Declutter ~ Organize ~ Beautify

Welcome! Neat Nathalie is a leading full-service professional organizing company based in Tampa Bay - we implement custom organizing solutions that will make your home more peaceful, more functional, and more enjoyable. Cluttered spaces create stress and ultimately take time away from doing the things you love with the people you care about most. With our team approach, we maximize our time in your home and quickly deliver detailed results. We put systems in place with function, but always keep your style in mind.


Nathalie Jones, Founder + Organizing Expert + Certified Home Organizer®

For me, organization is not just about decluttering your home. It’s about implementing functional systems that allow you to compose a Peaceful, Orderly Home and the Life of Your Dreams.

I look forward to helping you create the happiest version of your life, whether by Decluttering, Organizing, or Beautifying!


Nathalie XOXO


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Our Process

1. Assess

Our first step is to evaluate what you have. A visual inventory if you will. During this step we are looking for hidden potential in the way of unused spaces high and low. We’re checking to see what type of storage is available, and what kind, if any, storage containers you have. What kind of clutter are we dealing with; piles here and there or piles stacked up to my knees! It’s good to have a mental inventory of the situation and we often take pictures to help us remember what all is in the space. 

2. Sort

Regardless of the space you wish to organize, its contents will need to be sorted. It’s important to know how much of any one category or item you have so we’ll know how much space it will take up. Weeding out items you no longer want or that just don’t belong in the space is also important; we only want to keep in the space items that belong there.

3. Organize

When everything is sorted out and we know what’s what, and what’s not, we can finally put it away in a logical organized way. This step is like a game of Tetris. There’s a great deal of manipulating the various components to see what works the best. We may ask questions about the usage of an item to determine its importance. Some parts of the space are more “valuable” than others so it’s important to consider the frequency of use as well as the real estate it occupies. The end goal is to be able to easily access what you need.

4. Maintain

Some spaces have unique nuances that may need to be pointed out in order to maintain it. For instance: glasses that alternate upside down/right side up. Over all the main goal is to make it easy to maintain, but maintenance requires some follow through on the clients part. Returning items to their new home. Finding new homes for items that come in later by thoughtfully considering what category it belongs in.

Some clients just need some help after a couple months – perhaps they worked a lot and didn’t have time to follow through, or maybe they didn’t fully understand the reasoning behind the method of organization.  That’s fine; no worries. Give us a call so we can troubleshoot what isn’t working, explain the system once again, or just “touch up” the areas you haven’t had time to work on.


Whether downsizing, creating new systems, or adjusting to a new space, we provide guidance, support, and accountability
to get you organized for good.

  • Clear your space, clear your mind

  • Utilize your space more effectively
    Together, we’ll streamline your home or work routine by cutt
    ing the clutter and mindfully setting up systems that work for you.

  • Live in the present
    By removing distracting items from your immediate surroundings, you'll be able to stay focused on what matters now.

Waste Not

We practice sustainable decluttering, hauling your donations
and recyclables after every tidying session.

  • Donate to organizations that
    make a difference in our community

  • Let it go without the guilt, knowing that someone will use the stuff that's been cluttering your space for too long. 

  • Reduce landfill waste
    As part of our mission to divert as much waste from landfills as possible (and avoid junkin
    g up charities and wasting their resources), we haul items like textiles, metal scraps, hazardous waste, old electronics, and more at no additional cost to you.

  • Deduct your donations from your taxes
    We'll mail or deliver your donation receipt for a deduction on your annual income taxes.


Feeling Overwhelmed?

Sometimes we need help, but we don’t know where to start. That’s where we come in! Simply click the button below to schedule your free consult and we’ll do the rest!

Services We Offer


In-Home Organization

We offer a luxury, all-inclusive professional organizing and styling service; providing customized solutions and done-for-you services for maximum results.

Laptop On Tray

Virtual - DIY Organization

This service is perfect for those not local in Tampa Bay or may have the time and creativity to organize on their own, but need an accountability partner. 

Moving Boxes

Moving Services

Whether you're downsizing your home, combining households or simply need help unpacking all those boxes - we've got you covered. 

Other Services

In addition to our more traditional services we also offer the following;

  • Public Speaking 

  • Custom closet design systems

  • Interior Decorating

  • Home Staging

Neat Lifestyle Memberships

Whether you need a gentle nudge to get you started with your organization project, accountability and support or simply help to maintain your newly organized space. Our monthly memberships will cover it. 

1 Session Package

(3) total hours


What Our Clients Say About Us

Julie D.

Crystal Beach, FL

Neat Nathalie and her staff did an amazing job organizing and decluttering our home. She makes organizing easy and painless. Wish I would have used her years ago!!

Featured On

Neat Nathalie & Co. has been featured in several magazine publications as well as TV Shows. Click the learn more button for more.

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Products We Love When Organizing

Wondering what products we like to use when organizing a space? Click the link below for a list of items.

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